sexta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2010 | By: ~* Manu Grecco

What did you learn?

After you
I lived in a place 
When I found lie
When I found tears
When I didn't want to live.

Later you 
All was changed.
I found you and myself
I found happiness
I found things inside me that I've never joined. 
I just wanted you and nobody else.

After we lost the essence of everything
I learned how to give up trying
But I learned something better
The things can have some collor 
Even if you take them off.

I found a treasure.
Now It's just mine.
And I can share with who I want.
Have no money there
Just feelings.
The most pure you can find.

Someday you'll hear about it
Exactly of the person
Who shered to me.

This treasure is inside me.
You didn't found it for you.
Maybe because it wasn't to be yours.
Not now.
Maybe if...

Manoella Grecco

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